5 Common Water Leaks (& How to Prevent Them)

As a homeowner, water leaks can be one of the scariest, and costliest things to happen in your home. And of course, they almost always strike without warning. Tracking them down after they’ve begun can be a feat unto itself, so today we wanted to share with you some of the most common leaks around the home, and how you can avert them before they happen.

How to Prevent Household Plumbing Leaks

While some of these tasks are ones most people monitor and maintain regularly, there are a few that can easily slip past you if you’re not careful. This “slip” can not only result in costly damage and repairs, the headache and frustration from these types of events are almost beyond imagination. So, in no particular order, here are some frequent leaks that you may encounter.

Washing Machine – Many homeowners have overlooked this one, even though it is used quite often. While it may not leak upon installation, you should check the connections every year and replace the hoses every five years in order to avoid unexpected leak disasters.

Toilets – Another rather busy household item that gets ignored way too often when it comes to inspection. In order to help prevent leaks in the bathroom, you should check the supply line yearly, making sure your tank doesn’t need any adjustment.

Dishwasher & Refrigerator – With these two household appliances you should check under and behind them fairly often to ensure that everything is fine and there are no leaks. Detecting and addressing these leaks early can help prevent unseen damage to your floors and the growth of dangerous mold.

Air Conditioning System – Changing out the air filter every one to three months is not only better for your air quality, it can prevent leaks that you’ve never considered. An A.C. unit located on a second floor that doesn’t receive regular air filter changes can quickly develop condensation buildup or clogs in the draining system, causing a leak that can rapidly damage the lower floor’s ceiling, carpet, and furnishings.

Drains and Pipes – Of course, common sense tells us that we should watch these areas for leaks, but there’s a couple of other best-practices you should incorporate as well.  First – never pour grease down your drains! As the hot grease quickly cools, it can harden rapidly, clogging your pipes and drain. Secondly – just like your Grandma used to tell you, during cold weather you should always turn each of your household faucets on just slightly so that they drip. Doing this on your faucets will help prevent your pipes from the damage that frozen pipes cause.

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