5 reasons why your toilet is clogged

Clogging a toilet or finding out that the toilet is clogged can be incredibly embarrassing.  Thankfully most clogs can be easily prevented and most can be cleared with some good old fashion elbow grease and a plunger. There are some however that require a plumber. Here are some common causes of a clogged toilet. 


A clog in the trap


All drains have a trap which is the U-shaped band that is always filled with water. The water keeps bad odors from coming up to the sewer line into your home. The band makes it easy to create a clog. It can actually get clogged by too much toilet paper. 


Flushing items that shouldn’t be flushed 


This is probably pretty obvious one, but it happens all the time. Toilets are for toilet paper and human waste only. Avoid flushing cotton balls, dental floss, feminine hygiene products, etc; these items won’t break down in your pipes, and can create a clog. 


A low flow toilet


Yes you’re helping the environment, which is amazing, but early versions come with problems. Earlier versions of the low flow toilet weren’t powerful enough to flush everything through. This can lead to clogs. If you jumped on the bandwagon early and are having problems with your toilet you may need a new one. 


The vent


The clog may not be somewhere in the drain pipe, it can actually be in the vent. The vent typically goes up to the house’s roof so that fresh air can enter the plumbing system as the water drains. If the vent gets clogged with some sort of debris it can actually clog the toilet. This is job for a professional because the vent is clear from an opening in the roof. 


The sewer line 


If you haven’t found the problem in any of the above areas you may have a problem in the sewer line. This can be a big problem. Depending on where the problem occurs, you may have to dig up part of the yard. Issues with the sewer line may not actually be caused by something you flushed down the toilet, it could be caused by tree roots as they create pressure on the line. This pressure can cause the line to break overtime. A good plumber will use a camera to inspect the line and find the source of the problem.