Why Not to Wait for Professional Plumbing Service

It happens to everybody. The "Check Engine" light comes on, but there isn't enough room in the budget to pay a mechanic until next month. Maybe it's a fallen tree in the backyard, or a dripping faucet instead. The point is, nobody is a stranger to delaying maintenance they know needs to be done. In all these cases people know there's a risk of causing greater damage that needs even more money to repair than the original delayed maintenance. When it comes to plumbing problems though, the costs of not fixing a problem can very quickly balloon out of control.


Unfortunately, it can be expensive to replace a leaky faucet. For a kitchen faucet, not counting the
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Low Water Pressure? What Could This Mean?

You just finished mowing your lawn on a hot Bedford, Massachusetts summer day and the shower is calling your name. Nothing sounds better than the water pounding on your back right now. You turn on the water and, a trickle. There's no water pressure. What could possibly be wrong?

Single Fixture, or Whole House?

Knowing if the problem is local to a single fixture is very important in troubleshooting. If it is a single location, then start looking for a leak in that are, or replace that fixture. If it's the whole house then the problem could be more significant, and costly.

Easy Things First

If work has recently been done on your water system, by yo
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How Often Should You be Cleaning Your Drains?

Without proper maintenance things break. This is true for everything in your home, from HVAC to plumbing. One way to avoid costly drain repair is to regularly clean out your drains.

As with any regular cleaning there are various levels to cleaning drains. There are quick cleans and deep cleans. You can concentrate on the drains where they start, or think of the entire system to the city connection. Different types of cleaning call for different cleaning intervals.

Quickly cleaning your drains should be done in your standard weekly cleaning, or even more often depending on the drain. An example of more often would be to clean the hair out of a shower drain after, or before, every shower. This isn't some long, involved task, just a q

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Should You Insulate Your Water Pipes?

There are many ways to save money on energy bills. Some of them are expensive and have a low rate of return. Others are cheap and have a high rate of return. Most of them are somewhere in the middle, with moderate savings and a moderate cost. One thing that almost always makes sense to do is insulation. More insulation, better insulation, or just insulation in general. What about for water pipes though? Does it really make sense to insulate water pipes? In short, yes. Insulate away. Truthfully there are nuances that muddy the water a little.

Why Insulate?

The basic purpose of insulation is to keep the heat and cold where they belong. Insulating cold water pipes in northern climates, such as t
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