Does Your Dishwasher Water Line Need to be Replaced?

Dishwashers a luxury that many homeowners love and sometimes take for granted. The convenience of these machines make life easier and keep homes organized. So when your dishwasher isn’t functioning properly, it can seriously put a crimp in your routine. A potential problem to be aware of is a damaged water line. The water line allows water both in and out of your dishwasher, keeping it running efficiently. Keep these signs in mind if your dishwasher stops functioning properly.

Not Filling With Water

When your dishwasher doesn’t properly fill with water, there are a number of potential issues. One of the more common culprits may be a damaged water line. If the line is damaged, it is likely your washer won’t be properly filling with water. To get an idea if a faulty water line may be the issue, there are a few things you should check to determine if you may need to contact a plumber. The primary thing to look for is to make sure the line is properly connected and that the valve is in the open position. If that is the case and and the line is free of kinks, it’s likely that the water line does need replacing.

Noticeable Leak

This is a less common symptom to notice, as the water line for your dishwasher likely runs under your kitchen sink. Even if that is not the case, your kitchen plumbing is hidden behind some portion of cabinetry or drywall. If you do happen to notice leaking water in your kitchen, it’s time to start checking the water line for damage. Keep in mind that any leaks in your home need to be addressed immediately as it takes no time for water to start damaging the structure of your home.

The Line is Frozen

Any frozen pipe in your home can quickly lead to extensive damage. The same applies to the water lines that feed your dishwasher. A good indication the water line may be frozen is a lack of water flow to your dishwasher. If this is the case, you should check with a plumber to see if the line needs to be replaced or not. It should be noted that a frozen water line is only a consideration for dishwashers with plumbing that runs along an outside wall.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s likely time to get in touch with a plumber. For those looking for an affordable plumber in the Burlington, MA area, look no further than Dellarocco Plumbing. The professionals at Dellarocco will help you determine if it is your line that needs replacing and get your plumbing repaired in no time.