Low Water Pressure? What Could This Mean?

You just finished mowing your lawn on a hot Bedford, Massachusetts summer day and the shower is calling your name. Nothing sounds better than the water pounding on your back right now. You turn on the water and, a trickle. There’s no water pressure. What could possibly be wrong?

Single Fixture, or Whole House?

Knowing if the problem is local to a single fixture is very important in troubleshooting. If it is a single location, then start looking for a leak in that are, or replace that fixture. If it’s the whole house then the problem could be more significant, and costly.

Easy Things First

If work has recently been done on your water system, by you or a professional, then the first thing to check is the main cutoff valve for the house. In some areas there are two, one on the homeowner side and one on the city side. If this valve isn’t open all the way, the flow into the house can be reduced, causing a loss of pressure throughout the home.

Find the Leak

If the valve is open, then start looking for where there might be a leak in the system. Check for discolored walls and ceilings, or damp carpet. Any of these can indicate a hidden leak. If water is flowing continuously out the bottom of the water heater, the constant replenishment will lower pressure available for the rest of the house.

Check the Pipes

There are a lot of old houses in Massachusetts. Some of them have very old plumbing, plumbing that clogs due to corrosion over time. If the drop in water pressure wasn’t a sudden thing, but something that you just realized has been getting worse for years, then the pipes may be clogged. This is a job that will need the services of a professional plumber, such as the ones at Dellarocco Plumbing and Heating.

Whatever your problem is, whether you can find it or not, you probably want to consider hiring a plumber to fix it for you. In the Bedford, MA area Dellarocco Plumbing and Heating is available 24/7 at (781) 862-1049 to serve your emergency plumbing needs. Call us any time.

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