Why Not to Wait for Professional Plumbing Service

It happens to everybody. The “Check Engine” light comes on, but there isn’t enough room in the budget to pay a mechanic until next month. Maybe it’s a fallen tree in the backyard, or a dripping faucet instead. The point is, nobody is a stranger to delaying maintenance they know needs to be done.

In all these cases people know there’s a risk of causing greater damage that needs even more money to repair than the original delayed maintenance. When it comes to plumbing problems though, the costs of not fixing a problem can very quickly balloon out of control.


Unfortunately, it can be expensive to replace a leaky faucet. For a kitchen faucet, not counting the labor to replace it, a homeowner can easily spend over $200. That’s an immediate, visible hit to the wallet. What isn’t so visible is the monthly cost of that leaky faucet. Chances are it started leaking slowly, raising the water bill only a tiny bit, and a tiny bit more the next month, and so on. By the end of a year it’s possible the leaky faucet is costs more to leave in place than to replace.

Water Damage

Water is amazing. Water jets are used to cut stone for instance. Even without being under enormous pressure water can be very damaging. Water soaks into anything porous, such as wood floors. Water can cause the wood structure of a home to swell and separate as it dries. It can destroy the stone foundation of a home. Plumbing problems left unchecked invite water to places in your home that aren’t designed for it, and damage will result.


While mold is technically water damage, it’s worth being mentioned on it’s own. Not only can is cause a home’s drywall to need replacing, it often causes health issues before it’s noticed. Water gathering in unseen spaces of your home encourage mold growth that will be difficult, if not impossible, to detect.

Putting off plumbing work is dangerous, and can lead to expenses far beyond what a homeowner may have originally been trying to save. With stakes this high, it’s often best to hire a professional from the beginning. In Bedford, MA that means contacting Dellarocco Plumbing and Heating at 781-862-1049 when the problem starts, not after it escalates. Click Here to contact us!