Winter Maintenance Checklist

Before the snow starts falling, simple home maintenance can help homeowners endure the winter with little to no damages. This winter maintenance checklist can help homeowners prepare for the colder weather and prevent winter plumbing disasters.

Outdoor Care:

  • Winter Pipes: Homeowners should drain and store any hoses. Water that freezes inside a hose can actually causes serious damages to your pipes. Be sure to disconnect them from your outdoor spigots. It is also important to drain and turn off any outdoor sprinkler systems on the property. These systems can be expensive to replace but will easily burst during winter if left filled with water. Turn off any shut off valves that lead to outdoor water sources.
  • Clean Gutters: Clogged gutters can cause water damages to your roof. They can also pose serious safety risks. As water freezes and thaws throughout the days and nights of winter, they can form icicles, which are dangerous to those walking below them.
  • Drainage: Ensure that drainage is directed aware from the house. This can help to prevent not only slippery surfaces you may walk on, but also damages to the foundation of your home caused by freezing water.

Indoor Care:

  • Insulation: Evaluate the current conditions of your insulation. This includes areas like your attic, basement, crawl space and pipes. Pipe insulation is easy to install and relatively cheap. Foam pipe insulation can be purchased in any hardware store and can be quickly cut and fitted to size. Applying this insulation now can help prevent burst pipes even during the coldest nights of the winter.
  • Plumbing: Check your faucets and pipes. Any leaks or puddles of water should be addressed now before the winter turns these small issues into much larger ones.


  • Vacation Plan: Planning is always a good idea. If you will be gone for any period during the winter, make a plan that includes auto-set temperatures for your home, pet care, and any important contact information that may be needed.
  • Stock Up: Winter can hamper travel and access to stores. Stock up on essentials to ensure you do not go without water or the basics should anything go wrong or the snow impact your ability to leave during an emergency.