Winter Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Massachusetts homeowners know that winter’s extremely frigid temperatures can wreak havoc on their homes’ plumbing systems. In addition to being vulnerable to freezing, pipes can also burst from the pressure of any frozen water that may be trapped inside them.  Burst pipes can be a particularly expensive fix—costing thousands of dollars to repair and replace—and can cause water damage to your home. Make sure you avoid this major disruption by performing the following maintenance tips:

Insulate Your Water Pipes

Insulating your water pipes not only protects your pipes from freezing, but can also save you money by helping to prevent heat loss. Insulation is available in a couple varieties, including traditional pipe wrap insulation and tubular sleeve insulation. When installing your insulation, pay special attention to pipes that are in exposed areas of the home such as your garage or crawl space, as these areas are more vulnerable to freezing.

Check Outdoor Spigots

 Insulate your outdoor spigots with a cover and disconnect hoses from your spigots when not in use. If the outdoor temperature drops below freezing while hoses are still attached, water inside those hoses could freeze, expand and cause the indoor pipes connected to your spigot and hose to burst.

Keep Running Water

If the weather outside is very cold, let cold water drip from faucets connected to exposed pipes. Letting water trickle through an exposed pip can help prevent it from freezing.

Check for Drips or Leaks

As you perform our recommended maintenance items, be sure to check your pipes and faucets for any drips or leaks. Fixing these minor issues now will be more affordable than allowing them to potentially become worse throughout the winter.


By taking these preventative measures, you can reduce the likelihood of burst pipes in your home and save yourself a major repair bill. For a broader list of home maintenance tips, read our Winter Maintenance Checklist. Additionally, if you have any other plumbing questions, be sure to contact Dellarocco Plumbing and Heating.